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Forgotten Items During A Move

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in life, made even worse if you get to your new home and realize you've left the dog in the back yard. While not everyone will forget something when moving, there are a few things that are very commonly left behind in the transition. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten things to do when moving:

Homeowners insurance

Packing up and moving all your belongings - and your family - to another house takes a lot of planning, time and supplies. In all the hustle and bustle, it's easy to forget that you need to transfer your homeowners insurance policy. Packing also presents a good opportunity to evaluate your possessions to see how much coverage you need.


In all the time it takes you to pack up your closet, furniture and odds and ends, you might forget about those records. No, not the vintage vinyl collection - your medical and family history records. Believe it or not, many movers frequently don't update their important documents when moving across state lines or out of district. Unless you are moving nearby and don't need to change your doctor or your child's school, get these records in order before you drive off to your new home.

New address

While you know your current address, local phone numbers and neighborhood streets by heart, you might not realize how hard it can be to memorize new places. In the event of moving, some people actually forget their new address. While this seems like a harmless slip, you're going to need to have your address on hand the first few weeks after moving. There are a million things to do, like change your Internet, cable and phone bills, not to mention setting up your utilities, which will require you to know your address. To make sure you aren't without it in case you forget, write down your address and keep it in your wallet or pocket, or make a note in your smartphone.

Cleaning supplies

When you move, you are taking all your stuff with you and will usually need to clean up the place for the next homeowner. This is important to keep in mind because you should remember to leave out your cleaning supplies when packing. People who are moving constantly forget to do this, so you might end up spending more to hire someone to leave the home spick-and-span or to buy more cleaning supplies.

Keys and garage openers

From time to time, you may have hidden a key around the exterior of your home in case someone needed to get in or you forget yours. When you move, it's important to gather these up to pass onto the next resident. Be sure to collect keys you might have given to neighbors for emergencies as well. When you are leaving your old home, you might also often forget about the garage door opener from your cars, so remember to take these out before heading off.

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