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Features to Look For in an Office Security System

Contemporary technological advances have made amazing things possible when it comes to the features to look for in an office security system. Networking, miniaturization, and terabytes of inexpensive storage have catapulted today’s security systems far beyond the imaginations of most people. In addition to providing an effective deterrent, an advanced security system can also reduce the cost of your small business insurance. Key components include:

High Definition Video Surveillance

The days of grainy black and white security footage are long gone. Modern hi-def surveillance cameras can return outstanding clarity and detail, even in low-light situations. What’s more, they’re so small you can place them just about anywhere you’d like—unobtrusively. You can also choose whether you’d like people to know the cameras are present, while keeping a watchful eye on every square inch of a facility. Should you be targeted by an interloper you’ll have razor sharp images of them from every angle.

Digital Access Control

If you think keys are all you need to control access, you might want to think again. Easily stolen, readily copied and frequently lost, keys leave you wholly vulnerable to incursion. It’s far better to go with digital access control (DAC). You can determine exactly who gets access and who doesn’t, you can change the code at a moment’s notice, and you have a date and time stamped record of everyone who enters an area and how long they stay. DAC is also infinitely scalable, so you can secure additional points of entry on an as-needed basis. Further, you’ll have the option of requiring pass codes, biometric approval or keycards.

Intrusion Alarms

Deployed in conjunction with video surveillance and digital access control, intrusion alarms serve as a redundant system, capable of alerting you if someone gets past the other two. These can also be configured to notify your on-site security force, as well as the police force. Even better, properly trained employees can use the intrusion alarm system to manually alert authorities should an untoward situation in the office prevent the usage of more conventional means of summoning assistance.

Networking For Worldwide Access

These systems can also be networked to function as a unit. Should an unauthorized entry occur at one of your DAC points, a signal can be triggered to activate the intrusion alarms, summon assistance and immediately switch your camera surveillance to key on the affected area. With these systems tied to the internet, you can monitor your facility from anywhere on earth with access to a Wi-Fi signal. This means you can keep an eye on your office in Dubuque, Iowa, from your boat in the Sea of Cortez.

Incorporating these features in your office security system will provide your company with an added layer of protection as well as lower your insurance costs. Speaking of which, CoverHound can help you find the best small business insurance policy for your company. Try it today.

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