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FAQs About Car Insurance For College Students

Q: Is car insurance more expensive for college students than it is for everyone else?

A: Yes, college students do pay more for car insurance. It is true that students who don’t attend commuters schools drive significantly less than the average driver, but that can’t change the fact that insurers believe that demographic to be extremely risky, based mostly on crash statistics.

Q: When do young drivers start qualifying for the best car insurance rates?

A: At the age of 25, in most cases.

Q: What are some tips for college students looking to save money on auto insurance?

A: Good grades always help. Insurance companies like to think that people who get good grades are generally more responsible, and of course those type of people drive more... responsibly. You can also look in to pay-as-you-go insurance if your car mostly just sits in the parking lot all day.

Q: Can college students get on their parents’ insurance?

A: Yes and it’s a great way to save money. Obviously, it’s a conversation each family needs to have independently to see what suits its needs, but it’s definitely cheaper to cover two cars under the same family policy than it is two insure under two separate policies.

Q: What’s the best way for a college student to find the best deal on car insurance?

A: Shop around. Auto insurance policies are like snowflakes; no two are alike. It’s definitely not a good idea to jump at the first policy you inquire about. Another agency may have an entirely different set of criteria and decision points when it comes arriving at a rate for a college student.

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