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Everything You Need to Know About InvestHER® Con 2024: Sponsor Spotlight

CoverHound is delighted to sponsor this year’s InvestHER® Con 2024. Please join us as we share why we find supporting this event – and the broader cause – so critical!

Everything You Need to Know About InvestHER Con: Sponsor SpotlightHeader

Traditional gender roles have often left women on the sidelines when it comes to financial control. However, the tide is turning – and for good reason!

In fact, women achieve higher returns on investments and lower risks when it comes to investing. Yet, many women still experience a confidence gap regarding financial decisions. According to PR Newswire, 48% of women feel confident in their financial choices, and only 28% believe they have sufficient financial education to actively manage their investments.

The key to bridging this gap is support: empower women to reach their full potential. Events like InvestHER® Con are crucial to this effort.

InvestHER® Con, the #1 premier conference for women in real estate, is happening from June 2nd through 4th in Austin, TX. It’s a transformational event designed for women seeking intentional financial growth. The InvestHER® 2024 conference, themed 'Going All In,' is designed to inspire women to build confidence and succeed in industries ripe for innovation and diversity, like finance. 

“InvestHER® Con is a transformative event focused on women’s financial empowerment. It provides the knowledge, connections, and resources women need to own their financial futures. This includes expert-led workshops, inspiring keynotes, and a supportive network of like-minded women. I’m really looking forward to this first-of-its-kind event!”
Caitlin Saenz, COO, Coverhound

Let’s explore everything InvestHER® Con offers to empower women to invest and grow their financial future. 

The Biggest Challenges Women Face in Real Estate

InvestHER® Con uniquely addresses the current needs of women in real estate, aiming to provide a robust foundation for investment. It helps women cultivate a business mindset for sustainable growth. Rather than conventional sales tactics, our approach at InvestHER® integrates comprehensive real estate investing strategies with personal development and actionable business strategies

Women often encounter challenges with inclusivity in financial conversations. Report shows that 86% of investment managers admit that they still target a male-centric audience by default. However, this is changing as more platforms recognize the importance of inclusivity.

“The industry needs to look at how to better engage and inspire more women to invest, which in turn could increase investment confidence and participation.”
PR Newswire

InvestHER® Con is committed to dismantling outdated stereotypes by empowering women to take ownership of their financial futures. The conference provides women with knowledge and practical tools to make sound, lucrative real estate investments while mitigating business risks. It offers a supportive community where women can learn, connect, and thrive on their financial journeys.

Although real estate is the core, the convention also targets these areas of personal finance:

What’s New at This Year’s InvestHER® Conference?

InvestHER® Con is a tailored experience for women who aim to broaden their portfolios and establish generational wealth. Instead of sales pitches, participants can expect transformative discussions and unique insights into the world of investing. 

More than 30 speakers at InvestHER® Con will cover diverse topics like the economy, international investing, and time management. This is to empower women with intentional strategies, practical tools, and personalized support to succeed.

By the end of the three-day program, participants will gain the knowledge, confidence, and network to thrive in real estate investing and break barriers in a male-dominated field. Let’s take a look at some of the topics and sessions that will occur this year.

“We believe that being an “InvestHER®” isn’t just a title, it’s a verb: driving action to create the financial future you deserve.”
Liz Faircloth, Co-founder, The Real Estate InvestHER®

Practical Experience Through Guided Exercises

InvestHER® Con focuses on providing actionable learning without overwhelming attendees with too much information. Apart from providing an in-depth understanding of how investment vehicles work, participants also get to practice their learnings.

The conference has a notable 'Deal or No Deal' segment. This is a one-hour workshop where speakers present real-life deal scenarios. Participants then collaborate in groups to strategize and decide how they would handle these situations. This interactive approach allows attendees to engage deeply with the material, dive into the numbers, and create an actual strategy.

Actionable Insights Into Managing Your Relationships as an Investor

Women manage multiple duties: their home and personal life, their business, and their wealth. To navigate the challenges of balancing these responsibilities, it's important to establish a supportive network. This could include setting clear expectations between partners and strategizing a balanced division of responsibilities.

How to Balance Unplanned Personal and Business Transitions

Kim Kiyosaki’s journey offers a roadmap for navigating pivotal life and business crossroads. Attendees will gain valuable strategies for finding clarity, making confident decisions during transitions, and embracing the power of reinvention for a more fulfilling investment path.

Uncover and Leverage Your Core Genius

This session is designed to boost women's confidence and eliminate self-doubt by identifying and harnessing their core competencies leading to greater success and fulfillment in real estate investing. 

The InvestHER® Approach to Building Sponsor-Attendee Relationships

InvestHER® Con revolutionizes networking by encouraging attendees to engage deeply in meaningful connections. 

The program carefully curates networking experiences designed to maximize connection and collaboration. This involves structured introductions, guided discussions to uncover shared passions and deep dives into unique strengths. This focus on mindful networking empowers women to build relationships anchored in mutual support and a shared vision for success within the industry.

“We believe every woman has the birthright to become financially free”
Liz Faircloth, Co-founder, The Real Estate InvestHER®

The three-day conference also fosters casual activities like pre-event networking and happy hours. These types of programs can’t be so organized all the time. Sometimes, women just want to have a glass of wine and talk—this encourages attendees to share insights and form bonds in a more natural and less pressured atmosphere.

What’s Next for the InvestHER® Conference?

Investing in real estate requires knowledge, networking, and confidence. InvestHER® Con fosters these qualities through smaller regional meetups and local conventions throughout the year.

“I look forward to the local meetups near me after the InvestHER® conference. It’s a chance for us investors to reflect on whatever business deals or strategies we made after the conference. We assess what we did right and what we could’ve done better.”
Caitlin Saenz, COO, Coverhound

This commitment empowers participants to make confident, informed decisions and reach their full potential in real estate investing.

How CoverHound Can Add Resilience to Your Real Estate Empire

Although unprecedented, the rise of women’s control over global financial assets is a positive shift. Breaking gender stereotypes fosters a more positive outcome for society as a whole by creating more opportunities for investment, influence, and contributions. You can play a vital role in this transformation by taking the first step and signing up for InvestHER® Con 2024. Lead the change to secure a brighter future for yourself and your family.

Also, the path to financial empowerment requires support beyond the initial stages. That’s where CoverHound steps in. Just as you strategically diversify your real estate portfolio, let us tailor insurance solutions to protect your investments. We’ll help protect you from costly risks and unexpected liabilities, ensuring your hard-earned assets are secure and aligned with your long-term goals. Book a consultation with us today!

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Insurance shopping simplified

Review personalized quotes, select coverages, and buy online - Everything insurance, all-in-one-place.

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Review personalized quotes, select coverages, and buy online - Everything insurance, all-in-one-place.
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