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Driving On New Year's Eve

As the holidays approach, the end of 2013 is coming right along. With so many opportunities to spend time with friends and family, the end of the year is often filled with parties and good times. The holiday season culminates on New Year's Eve, and most people jump at the chance to blow off some steam and celebrate a new year with open arms. As one of the biggest nights to go out and party, it can also be a dangerous environment on the road. To avoid getting into an accident and affecting your auto insurance, take a few precautions on New Year's Eve.

In all the hubbub and celebrations of welcoming the new year, many people forget to make proper plans to get themselves home. It is typical, and perhaps a bit cliché, to drink champagne while ringing in the new year. Unfortunately, some of these partiers may get behind the wheel afterward and get into an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic accidents rose in 2012, with New Year's Eve being the most dangerous night to be on the road. Half of all accidents on New Year's Eve are caused by drunk drivers.

If you're going out

Depending on your New Year's Eve plans, you need to make preparations to ensure that you have a fun and safe night. Make sure you have a sober, designated driver for you and everyone in your party. Finding the phone number of a local cab company can be a smart plan as well. If you are going somewhere with a group of friends or family, consider renting a car service to take everyone around safely if alcohol will be consumed. You could also simply stay overnight in the area where you are headed instead of returning home. Check out a hotel room so no one is tempted to drive home under the influence.

Staying in

If you're planning on staying in and having guests over, confirm that at least one person in every group of people is a designated driver who will not be drinking. Have water and food available for guests so they don't become too intoxicated. You could also offer "mocktails" without alcohol to encourage guests to have fun without getting too drunk. Know the number of a taxi service that can pick up guests who can't drive home.

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