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Does Renters Insurance Cover My Garden?

One of the main reasons you decided to rent a house in the suburbs instead of an apartment in the city was to experience community. You have found that living in an apartment feels fairly solitary. The neighbors keep to themselves, and the strange looks you get in the elevator if you try initiating conversation with a fellow rider are both awkward and annoying.

But in your new neighborhood, people are friendly. When you go out for a run, people wave and say hello. It seems like everyone knows everyone, and because it is so tightly knit, you feel safe. But even if you do feel like you’re living in a good neighborhood, investing in an affordable renters insurance package is still highly recommended, you just never know what can happen, and your landlord’s insurance might not cover the costs.

Accidents Happen: Common Accidents in the Home

If we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned that life is not void of accidents. And just because you are renting a house in the country versus an apartment in the city, that doesn’t mean you’re any safer from disaster. According to the security company A Secure Life, there are eight common home accidents that claim the lives of 18,000 Americans every year, including:

In 2013, there were close to 370,000 house fires in the U.S., resulting in over $6 billion in property loss, as found by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association. Not only are we losing money, we’re losing human life. Almost 3,000 people die every year in house fires, with another 12,000 sustaining life-altering injuries. Do you have the money to pay for new lodgings and medical care if your home went up in smoke? If the answer is no, (and it is for most Americans) then renters insurance is your last line of defense against this tragedy.

House Fire: Who Pays?

Before you get a renters insurance plan, you’ll want to know what it’s going to cover. There are three types of coverage plans:

Liability Coverage: The coverage plan protects you if someone is hurt in your home or their property is damaged on your premises and you are found at fault.

Personal Property Coverage: This coverage plan protects your personal effects (clothing, furniture, jewelry, etc.) from disasters including, fire, lightning, explosion, theft and vandalism that are lost inside the home.

For personal belongings stored on the property that have been damaged or destroyed by natural disaster or vandalism, such as the organic garden you have been growing, your landlord’s homeowners insurance policy will take precedence over your renters insurance.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage: This coverage plan covers the costs of lodging, food and other bills should your home be destroyed in a fire or natural disaster and you had to relocate.

As you have read above, each plan provides a specific service detailed to your specific needs. As a renter, you will want to make sure that all of your bases are covered should an accident arise. Allow us at CoverHound to help you find the affordable renters insurance you’re looking for. Click here now to see what we can do for you.

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