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Decorating Trends For 2015 Homeowners Need To Know About

Next year will bring new trends in every industry, but stylish homeowners aren't interested in every trend - they just want to know about new decorating ideas. From colors to recyclables to sleek modern interiors, these popular decorating styles may not lower your home insurance premiums, but they'll make you glad to walk in the door at the end of a long work day.

Pantone Color Institute's color of the year

Homeowners who stay on top of the latest colors will know this year was all about Radiant Orchid. The light purple has fuchsia undertones and easily matches olive and deeps greens as well as turquoise and teal options, according to Daring decorators could throw in a bit of yellow as well to offset Radiant Orchid's layered undertones.

Moving into 2015, Radiant Orchid is out and Marsala is in. The color resembles an earthy red wine, and it draws people in with its warmth and richness. It's the perfect tone for a kitchen or dining room, or - even better - the textiles throughout the house, including rugs, pillows and curtains.

Mix colors and textures

It's not enough for trend setters to keep up with 2015's color of the year - they should also take inspiration from the Renaissance period, according to House Beautiful. Some of the top designers in the country told the site that next year is the perfect time to mix patterns of greens, plums and cerulean blues with neutrals like whites and beiges. And don't stick to one texture - use a variety of fabrics and materials, like wood, marble and concrete.

Don't leave out plants either. Interior plant walls are growing in popularity. Not only are they creative and eye-grabbing features, many of the plants you can include help purify the air inside the house, making them a beneficial to your and your family's health.

Recycled building materials are all the rage

There are a variety of recycled materials for home decorating. Homeowners can use repurposed wood for flooring or buy countertops made of broken glass bottles, both of which may not even appear recycled. On the other end of the spectrum, homeowners can use materials that still resemble their first use, like blanket racks made of old ladders. There's almost no end to what designers and manufacturers have come up with to reuse old materials and make them beautiful, WTTW stated.

Keep safety in mind

Repainting, rearranging and buying new furniture is unlikely to change your homeowners insurance, but it can affect the safety of your home. If you're a constant host in addition to a trend-setting decorator, make sure the furniture and decorations leave clear paths around the room to reduce the risk of anyone falling. If little kids are bound to scamper through, make sure none of the knick knacks are choking hazards.

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