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Consumers Can Now Connect Their Older Cars To The Internet

Ever wanted to connect your vehicle to the Internet or be able to drive around with smart technology at your fingertips? Have your dreams been held back because of your budget or decade-old car? Well, now a startup is launching a device that can link your car to the digital world without hurting your wallet.

Mojio is a cellular and GPS device, according to its website, that links a person's car and driving habits with the rest of their social life. Not only can it gather information about the owners' driving patterns and the car's maintenance needs, but it can help them connect with family and friends through notifications, messages and geo-location features. It'll even help find parking.

Parents may be particularly interested in the device, which can notify them if their car is being driven too fast or if their son or daughter left the headlights on, the website boasts.

What makes Mojio different?

Other products on the market can connect a vehicle with the Internet, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Automatic Link and Metromile are two examples of such plug-in devices, and these have even been able to lower users' auto insurance rates.

However, Mojio is focused on a more comprehensive goal: Building a full-service social platform, Mojio CEO Jay Giraud told the Chronicle. The product uses the same design as Microsoft's Sync system, but the difference is that Sync is available in new cars and Mojio can be installed in older cars. In fact, Mojio is an option for any vehicles manufactured after 1996 because they will have an onboard diagnostics port.

How much does it cost?

The device itself is $149 and for the first year, and this amount includes Internet service. The second year of Internet service is $4.99 per month.

Mojio is being launched through AT&T and Telus, according to a company press release. The beta version was released with T-Mobile, but another deal with the provider wasn't completed. The device and network has been reconfigured for AT&T and Telus networks.

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