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Computer Insurance -- How To Cover Your Devices

Whether you have a laptop or PC, chances are you have a lot of information stored on your computer. People rely on their computers more now than they ever have. Backing up your computer and smartphone have become normal, weekly things to do, just in case something happens to them. But what about insuring your computer?

What are your options to insuring a computer? The most common ways of insuring your computer or smartphone usually fall into one or two of the following categories: manufacturers warranty, extended warranty, your employer (if it's a company phone or computer), and homeowners/renters policies. Your homeowners/renters policy should also offer iPhone insurance, though usually at a high deductible.

If you want more protection your main option is personal/individual insurance. This type of insurance will insure laptops, desktops, tablet PC's, PDA's, and smartphones. A good example of this type of insurance comes from Safeware. With their policy, your electronics are covered for accidental damage, theft, drops, fails, collisions, cracked screens, fire/flood, liquid spills/submerssion, power surge, and vandalism.

There are multiple sites offering this type of insurance, but you should make sure to look closely what exactly they offer. Most policies will not cover things such as pest damage, corrosion or rust, general wear and tear, environmental elements (i.e. heat, dust), illegal acts, data recovery, intentional damage, re-installing programs, or equipment you're selling/leasing to others.

It's also a good idea to check with your homeowners or renters insurance carrier and look into what they are covering, personal insurance-wise. However, in this day and age, you can never be over-insured.

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