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Compare Car Insurance Quotes In As Little As Five Minutes

One of the main responsibilities of adulthood is acquiring and maintaining a car insurance plan. What’s also necessary to be a mature, successful adult? Filing taxes, making our own doctor’s appointments and getting our oil changed. Indeed, it’s the small victories that matter.

These things aren’t exactly fun, and we certainly weren’t taught how to do it in our high school “Life Skills” class, but as is the human experience, we learn things through trial and error. Some lessons though can be costly to learn. This includes shopping for car insurance. Fortunately, CoverHound is around to help us compare car insurance quotes in little to no time at all.

The Insurance Run-Down

As of 2012, Americans spend $815 a year on car insurance. This annual insurance rate breaks down to about $68 a month, give or take a couple of dollars. When you think about it, paying less than $100 a month to protect yourself against damages and injury in an accident seems pretty fair. The thing is, not all of us can afford it.

When estimating the cost of your policy, insurance agencies look at a number of factors:

An insurance company will gather the above information about you, and assess what kind of a risk you are on the road. Combined with this is the statistical data companies like the Insurance Information Institute (III), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gather on an annual basis. That’s why a male teenager’s car insurance rate is significantly higher than an adult female’s, the statistics have shown young males cause, or are involved, in more traffic collisions than female adults. Due to these findings, insurance rates change from person to person.

Show Me the Savings!

Now in order to save on an auto insurance plan, the question is whether it is better to go through an insurance salesman or an online insurance comparison site like CoverHound. The answer is a resounding “CoverHound.”

Shopping online saves you time and helps you to determine the right policy for you by helping to compare car insurance quotes from a number of well-established insurance agencies at once. Taking your information and applying it to the policy, CoverHound finds the most competitive insurance plans on the market for you, and at no cost. Through using CoverHound’s online comparison tool, you are able to view multiple insurance packages based on what each policy covers and at what each premium costs. Online comparison tools help motorists customize their insurance policy and adjust their deductibles and coverage limits.

What’s another benefit of shopping online? Shopping and buying directly from CoverHound lowers your premium as you are not using an insurance agent’s assistance for your coverage relations. With no charge to you for services rendered, you can buy an insurance package just for the package itself.

If you’re going to pay for an auto insurance policy, it should be for one you’re happy to carry. Shop CoverHound’s comparison portal, or give one of our licensed representatives a call at (866)-278-7881 today!

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