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Collector Car Insurance

Your collector car is your baby. You've spent years restoring it, waxing it, and driving it. What would happen if it were stolen or an uninsured driver rear-ended you on your weekend joy ride? As lovers of collector cars, we here at CoverHound sincerely hope that never happens to you but if you want to take her out on the weekend or are worried about theft, collector car insurance is essential to have.

If you are a first time buyer, and therefore a novice to collector car insurance, there are a few things to think about when choosing an insurance company. First is whether or not you are able to choose your own mechanic for any repairs. You also want to make sure they will insure the car for the right amount or for what you feel the car is worth. Buyers who intend to go to club events and car shows should look into liability insurance and coverage for damages that can be incurred at such events. Insurance coverage during restoration is another aspect of insurance that collectors should think about. So are flexible premiums that are based on miles driven per year. And you don't want to forget about shipment coverage, especially if you plan on attending out of state or overseas events. Collector car insurance is based largely on how the car is used and buyers should shop around for the best company who can insure the collectors' every need.

However, most car insurance companies that you probably see advertised on television everyday don't offer collector car insurance so it can be hard to know where to start. CoverHound can help.

We work with the best collector car insurance companies in the business. Car insurance companies who specialize in insuring collector cars and in meeting the specific insurance needs of car collectors around the country.

It may surprise you that Haggerty's, a name synonymous with collector car care for decades is one of the leading collector car insurance companies and their products are available through leading local independent car insurance agents near you. You may also want to consider Grundy's which has a great collector car insurance product as well.

A special car has special needs so it's important that you take some time to shop around and talk to agents who specialize in collector car insurance. You'll be glad you did if anything ever happens to your baby.

To find the right insurance at the right price, visit CoverHound or call us at (877) 978-1562 and speak to a Licensed Insurance Agent today!

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