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Cheapest States To Buy A Used Car

Shoppers are always looking for a bargain when it comes to purchasing a new automobile, but some people may have an easier time with this depending on what state they live in. A new report from used-car classified website Mojo Motors, Inc., ranked all 50 states when it comes to fees associated with buying used cars.

Mojo Motors maintained that the sticker price is not the only thing people have to think about when making this large investment. Many buyers could be thrown off by the other fees and costs associated with buying an automobile, which could be expensive and mean drivers have to pass on the purchase for the time being. The report looked at a number of fees in order to come to these averages. Auto Insurance was not calculated in these estimates, but buyers should factor this into their car budget. These are the cheapest places to buy a car in regards to average fees:

1. Oregon ($127)

2. Alaska ($356)

3. New Hampshire ($359)

4. Montana ($724)

5. Hawaii ($817)

Paul Nadjarian, founder and CEO of Mojo Motors, said that states have their own rules about the types of fees they charge and nine put limits of how much they can charge.

"Six states have restrictions on how you disclose it and the terminology you use," Nadjarian said. "In 36 states, the average is less than $300, which probably strikes you and me as pretty reasonable."

The state with the most expensive fees on average include:

Alabama ($2,313)

Arizona ($2,297)

Colorado ($2,284)

Tennessee ($2,061)

Florida ($1,869 )

Buyers can lower these fees, and said the best way to do this is to negotiate the price and costs with the dealers. But some dealers may not budge on the price, so drivers may have to cut down on other costs such as insurance, which they can do by making themselves less of a safety risk.

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