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Car Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Heading into an auto body shop can be intimidating. If you are unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of your car, you may trust the expertise of the mechanics, but at the same time, you don't know if they are swindling you into spending more.

Most mechanics are honest and will do their best to help you, but it doesn't hurt to learn a little extra about cars in case you want to give your ride quick tune up before you hit the open road. But as you are educating yourself about cars, you should be aware of repair mistakes. These are a few car maintenance mistakes you should watch out for:

Improper tire repair

With most automobiles weighing in at a couple of thousand pounds, it is inevitable the pressure will do a number on your tires. Pumping some air back into your tires can help inflate them, but regular rotation is just as important. Front and back wheels are affected in different ways and simply filling them up with air may not prevent uneven wear. Tire rotation is done to make sure they last longer, which can help you save money.

Window wiper usability

You tend to drive a lot better when you can properly see out of your front window. While a little shower may not affect your visibility, be sure to see that your windshield wipers work properly. Wipers can begin to become less pliable over time, which can cause them to break down and create a rather annoying screeching noise. You don't have to get new ones after every major storm or if a bug splatters on your windshield, but you should replace them every few years.

New windshield wipers can help improve visibility and prevent accidents, but it won't help you pay for your repairs. Signing up for car insurance is a great option because it can assist in paying for the damages of your accident.

Waiting on oil changes

Oil changes can be one of the simplest car repairs, but if not done properly you can do some pretty serious damage to your engine. The recommendation for oil changes is 3,000 miles, but some automobiles allow more. While you can go a few miles over 3,000 before getting it changed, you should try to get it taken care of as close to that mark as possible.

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