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Beauty Salons and Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven

As people scroll through social media platforms, they’re on the lookout for content that will make them pause and engage. Beauty salons like yours are poised to deliver just that, one satisfying hairdo picture at a time. Salons and social media are a true match made in heaven.

When it comes to beauty salons, a social media presence is a virtual extension of a physical location. Savvy small and medium-sized businesses (boutique and chain salons alike) need to protect themselves against financial risks that accompany these client-facing spaces. How? Finding the right business insurance for beauty salons through CoverHound is a start.

Here are five ways beauty businesses can use social media to their advantage.

Showing Off Beauty Transformations

If you can master the art of the aspirational “before vs. after” picture, you’ll have people lining up to become a client at your salon. These pictures offer concrete proof that you can work some serious magic. In your care, frizzy hair full of split ends becomes sleek. You can fix a botched, homegrown dye job. Your eyebrow threading is life-changing. Beat-up cuticles become soft as butter and perfectly pristine by the time your nail technician finishes a manicure.

Salon Guru has a few important reminders for taking and posting before and after photographs:

-Ask each client’s permission to use and post images (in writing if necessary)

-Declutter the background and find the best lighting

-Boost reach by tagging your client and the beauty brands you used in the transformation

-Take front, side and back shots for visual interest

Introducing Your Team to the World

What sets your salon apart from others? Your unique team! Use social media to introduce one or more specialists to the world each week—and be sure to include trust-building credentials like their areas of expertise, training and awards. You can even use the widely accepted “Meet Our Staff Monday” to establish a weekly pattern.

Promoting Deals and Discounts

Existing or potential customers may want to visit your salon, but are just waiting for the price to be right. You can use social media to link back to the promotional section of your website. Try different offers and see which one gets the best response—whether it’s a percentage off a treatment, a buy-one-get-one-free deal so clients can bring a friend or a sample-size freebie.

Posting Lifestyle Content

As tempting as it is to tweet out coupons left and right or talk about your salon services on Instagram, a well-rounded social media strategy should follow the 80/20 rule. In other words, your salon should post one-fourth as much branded content as it does other interesting content mean to educate, inspire or engage your followers. A great idea here is sharing content from industry influencers, linking long-form blog posts or creating polls to get a discussion going.

Last but not least, protect both your online presence and your physical location against potentially costly lawsuits with business insurance for beauty salons. Find a fitting quote with CoverHound today!

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