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Be Mindful Of Car Recalls

Staying on top of all recall alerts is the best way to make sure your vehicle isn't at risk of malfunction. Recalls are actually more common than you may think. However, many people choose to do nothing during a recall of their vehicles, if they are knowledgeable of them at all.

A new study from Carfax found there are 46 millions cars on the road that have been recalled, yet not fixed. The numbers are staggering considering how far technology has come in improving driver safety and security features, and auto manufacturers are more capable of producing top-rate vehicles than ever. However, this problem may fall on drivers themselves.

Though it seems like there is a major recall announcement almost daily, drivers are not always aware of the status of their vehicles, especially when buying secondhand. Used cars may be at higher risk of breakdown because they have been in use longer and you might not have done a full background check on the vehicle. In this case, the car you've just bought could actually be under recall at the time of the purchase.

Perhaps even more startling is the fact that family vehicles like minivans and SUVs are even more susceptible to recalls. Roughly one-third of minivans have an unfixed recall.

Protecting yourself

One of the largest issues regarding this problem is that the information is out there and fully accessible; drivers just don't pay attention to it. Perhaps out of convenience, or to save the time and money on having their vehicles taken off the road for repairs, drivers avoid getting their cars fixed. This approach is very dangerous, and puts you and millions of other drivers at severe risk.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has an updated database of all recalls and car defects on its website that allows users to enter their car information to see the recall status of their vehicles. Likewise, Carfax released a new app for smartphones that links drivers' license plate numbers and VIN so that they receive instant alerts in the event of a recall, according to Komo News.

These mechanisms may help keep drivers updated, but it's on the drivers themselves to get their cars fixed.

"America's cavalier response to manufacturer safety recalls is putting lives at risk," said Carfax Communications Director Larry Gamache. "Every morning millions of people drive to work, school and other places in a potential ticking time bomb. Fires, crashes and serious injury are just a few of the consequences of letting recalls go unfixed. The minor inconvenience that comes from having a recall fixed pales in comparison to what can happen if you don't."

At the end of the day, your safety is a personal matter that you should take into your own hands. Getting your car repaired should always be a top priority to ensure you and your family are out of harm's way.

Speak with your auto insurance agent to see how you can save money with safety discounts from your provider.

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