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Avoid These Moving Mistakes

As you are gearing up to move, you should plan accordingly. A faulty moving plan can lead to paying more for movers or accidentally forgetting something at your old home. Even a quick move across town or to the next county can be stressful, so make sure you have everything situated. Here are a few moving mistakes to avoid:

Doing everything by yourself

You may decide to do all your own moving to save a few dollars. While in theory this is true, there are plenty of problems that can arise. You could seriously hurt yourself while trying to lug a couch up the stairs, or you may have not estimated how long the move will take and not make your move-in date.

To avoid this, plan everything down to the last detail. Know how long it will take to get to your new place, how much you have in your home and if you need to get moving or homeowners insurance before you set up shop at your residence.

Moving during the wrong time of the day

Don't forget to plan the timing of your move correctly. You may assume that a weekday morning will be less frantic, but by the time you are ready to start driving to your new place, the roads could be busy.

Although you may not want to get up early, it will be beneficial to get everything done as soon as possible and avoid busy roadways while in route to your home.

Forgetting to get an estimate

You wouldn't forget to get an estimate for a car, so why should your forget to get one from the movers you hired? Movers typically give you two estimates: binding and non-binding. A binding estimate is one where they give you a price in writing after a detailed survey of your home. Non-binding, on the other hand, is one where you get a quote from the movers based of the amount you are going to move, but the price could increase based on the distance they have to travel and any obstacles they face, such as traffic or road construction.

To avoid getting charged too much, ask detailed questions about the moving process and any extra fees the movers may include.

Forgetting back up items

With all the stress of packing away your possessions and making sure that your new home will be ready for you, you may have forgotten to leave out a few extra items for yourself. With tons of boxes stacked in your home, the last thing you want to do after a long day is search through them to find work clothes or dishes for your dinner.

It will be beneficial to pack a small suitcase with enough clothes for the week and other necessities such as toiletries, food, silverware and any other items you may need when you move in.

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