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5 Errands That Take Longer Than Getting An Auto Insurance Quote

Most people are in agreement that running errands is the worst. Trips to the grocery store, sitting in the dentist’s chair and getting your hair cut all take valuable time out of your day. When you only have enough time to run errands on the weekend, you wonder where all of your free time went. Guess what? Looking for auto insurance is not a “time-wasted” errand anymore. Find your liability auto insurance quote with CoverHound today.

The Time Crunch

It may sound shocking, but looking for liability auto insurance online takes as little as five minutes—no joke. It has been found that Americans spend over 11 hours-a-day perusing the internet and their social media feed. If you’re already on the computer, and the statistics show you will be, why not look for a better auto insurance package?

All CoverHound asks for in return is your name, birthdate and vehicle type. This information helps us to get you the best auto insurance premium deals out there. Now, let’s look at some errands that aren’t so fast.

Average trip to the grocery store: 41 minutes

According to The Time Use Institute, you will spend over 40 minutes in the grocery store. This does not take into account the amount of time it takes to get to and from the grocery store either.

Average wait time in the doctor’s office: 23 minutes

Going for the routine health check up can already be classified as a grievance, but when you’re sitting in the waiting room nearly half an hour after your scheduled appointment time, you become increasingly annoyed. You have other obligations to meet too; you wonder how the doctor and his staff get anything done at all with how late they’re making everyone. You take some comfort in knowing that waiting for the doctor is something everyone has to do.

Average time people wait on hold with customer service: 13 hours

Time Magazine reports that Americans spend 13 hours-a-year waiting for the cable repairman, the plumber or on hold with a customer service representative. The four-hour block windows you’re given by the exterminator or delivery service keeps you at home and stops you from getting other things done. What’s worse: sometimes you’ll get a call saying your service repair or delivery was pushed back another day. What gives?!

Average time spent at the gym: 30 minutes

Exercising is a wonderful way to let off some steam and get back into a healthy routine. Though for some, going to the gym can be a real struggle. Gym goers spend 30 minutes on the treadmill, at the weight station or on the elliptical 3-5 times a week.

Average wait time in traffic: 42 hours

To get any errands done you have to have a mode of transportation. On average Americans spend 42 hours a year stuck in traffic waiting to get to their point of destination. If you’re willing to sit in traffic for 45 minutes for a 10-mile drive, you should be (and probably are) willing to run an auto insurance check in less than five minutes at home on your computer.

You put up with a lot to be a responsible adult. Fortunately, getting liability auto insurance online with CoverHound is as easy as saying 1-2-3. Click here for your free quote.

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