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5 Characteristics That Make A Good Boss

Before you were running your own business, how many times did you watch your previous boss run around the office like a chicken with its head cut off? Well…that is if they were in the office at all. It’s tough working for someone who shows zero self-awareness and makes excuses or better yet, blames the employees for their own short comings. It’s why you left, despite loving the work. It’s why you decided to start your own small business. It’s why you’re renting an open workspace, getting [professional liability insurance]( and hiring candidates with strong conviction: you want to do better and you know you can do better.

Not everyone has the natural leadership ability necessary to be a good boss. Unfortunately, there are plenty of these sorts in managerial positions who are slowly eating away at the passion and motivation of their employees. So, what are some characteristics all good bosses have in common? Let’s have a look!

Too often we see managers manipulate the truth with customers and employees alike to make an extra buck. A boss with integrity does not do this. A good boss is transparent about the business’s financial and ethical positions with clients and customers and maintains a line of open communication. This type of boss lets their staff know when the company is riding high or falling low and keeps their work family informed.

To have an effective work relationship, the boss and employee must have a mutual respect for one another. As stated above, a good boss is transparent and communicative about the company’s business dealings, quarterly reviews and projected goals. They [work with their staff]( rather than above, and celebrate individuality and hard work.

**Welcome Change**
An unwillingness to change with the times is the death knell of any business, and a boss who refuses to create, collaborate or elevate a business will contribute heavily to its loss. Good business owners [welcome change]( and recalibrate business practices and staff training to better fit in the community. A company has to be able to grow for a chance at success, a natural leader will see change as a positive and will happily work to make better things happen.

**Positive Outlook**
A negative or quick-to-worry manager is unwilling to make changes to an outdated business model and often fails to recognize what is best for the company. A manager who maintains a positive outlook and recognizes that lessons are learned from failure will better support the staff and help the business grow. People learn by trial and error and a worthy manager celebrates this on a daily basis.

**Protect Their Own**
If a customer or client is upset with a product or service the business has provided, this type of boss does not throw his staff under the bus. He listens to the customer, defends the staff member, and through professionalism and good manners, comes to a solution that supports all parties involved.

It’s a wonder how anyone without these qualities can become a manager, but there’s always a few who squeak by. Don’t put someone in charge of your employees unless they have these five traits. For more information on small business and small business insurance [visit CoverHound](

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