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4 Ways to Help Your Employees Eliminate Workplace Stress

Excessive employee stress isn’t just bad for morale; frequent turnover and absences can negatively affect the bottom line for the company as a whole. As a business leader, you’re in the unique position to foster a productive, positive work environment with realistic expectations and a solid company culture for all.

It’s part of your job to maintain an environment that helps employees do their best work, which will contribute to higher retention rates and a more stable outlook for the future. Protect your company and employees by researching business insurance quotes with CoverHound, and continually look for ways to reduce workplace stress to help your team thrive.

Incorporate Activity Breaks

As Dr. Albert Ray writes for the Society for Human Resource Management, “High stress can result in depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors and substance abuse. Moreover, it can lead to headaches, fatigue, insomnia, stomach disorders, hypertension and high blood pressure.” Who pays for the complications related to these problems? Individual employees, and your organization.

The same source suggests scheduling brief breaks into your workday, whether it’s a 15-minute walking break after a meeting or quiet group meditation around mid-morning. Granting employees the option to clear their head with some fresh air or relaxation may be a welcome change of pace.

Gauge and Improve Internal Factors

If you’re perplexed about sources of employee stress, why not ask? Before you can intervene in the hopes of alleviating some of the negativity, you need to know what your team is struggling with. One career coach and former Fortune 500 executive suggests relying on employee surveys and assessments by managers to gauge areas that need improvement. From there, it’s easier to address employee concerns and streamline workflows to make a more positive day-to-day experience for personnel in those roles.

Provide Alternative Benefits When Possible

A study by University of Michigan researchers shows that companies who offer more than just traditional benefits save on employee absence and turnover in the long run because they prioritize employee wellness. What are some examples of these complementary alternative benefits that your company could pursue?

− Flexible work hours
− Remote work options
− Employer-paid healthcare
− Subsidized health club memberships
− Paid leave time
− Parental leave services
− Discounts for after-work social activities

Optimize the Working Environment

We all know the stereotypes that exist about cookie-cutter, beige office surroundings. Lighting, temperature, noise level, and amenities all make a difference in how employees go about their work day. Inc. published advice from a wellness coach, which included decluttering, adding some plants, keeping bathrooms clean, and improving organizational systems as little ways to make your team’s days more pleasant.

When you’re in charge of a team, there’s a lot of responsibility to improve working conditions and really provide members with the environment and tools they need to succeed. Your company will reap positive benefits from their longevity and productivity, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that your coworkers don’t have to dread coming to work in the morning.

Consider these four ideas next time you’re brainstorming on how to cut down on employee stress in the workplace, and don’t forget to compare business insurance quotes with CoverHound to find coverage that fits your current and future needs.

Insurance shopping simplified

Review personalized quotes, select coverages, and buy online - Everything insurance, all-in-one-place.

Insurance shopping simplified

Review personalized quotes, select coverages, and buy online - Everything insurance, all-in-one-place.

Insurance shopping simplified

Review personalized quotes, select coverages, and buy online - Everything insurance, all-in-one-place.
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