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4 Reasons Why Landscapers Need Business Insurance

Spending your days out in the sun with your hands in the earth, shaping and molding the landscape into a picturesque scene has been your dream for years. Finally, after a lot of training and hard work, you can call yourself a landscape architect.

Your designs have received much attention online and people have been contacting your landscaping business to set up appointments. You are exceedingly happy and proud with the direction of the business, but one unhappy client could tear it all down.

Here are four reasons why you need to get business insurance for landscapers. Without it, you could lose the business you worked so hard to build up.

You ran over the client’s sprinkler head system with the lawn mower

To get a better idea of the layout of the land you’re working with, you decide to mow down the overgrowth on your client’s property. In the process, you ran over a few sprinkler heads hidden in the weeds.

A small business general liability insurance policy will replace your client’s damaged sprinkler heads at no cost to them and will keep your business’ reputation in check. How so? Because you replaced the damage sprinkler system immediately and seemingly free of charge, the client will appreciate your taking responsibility and fixing the problem.

A client fell into an unmarked trench

After making some headway in the landscape redesign, the client asks for a tour of the property to see what has been done. During your walk along the property, the client slips and falls into an unmarked trench one of your gardeners has just dug.

Helping them out of the trench, you notice that the client is limping. You immediately take them to the clinic to assess the injury and learn they have sprained their ankle. Small business insurance will cover the cost of their medical visit and any medical costs associated with the injury thereafter. It will also protect you if the client should decide to sue you for damages by covering the costs of litigation. If you should lose your court case, the same insurance package will pay the restitution fees.

Saplings you planted died a few months after planting

The success of a small business largely depends on the integrity of the product. If the product breaks down or does not deliver the service promised, the client has the right to have it replaced or be refunded.

Sapling trees are expensive, and you thought the ones you planted on the client’s property would take. Liability insurance will pay to have the trees replaced at no cost to you or the client, leaving both parties happy and in the green.

The client won’t pay for the gardening services

The contract you have clients sign stipulates that they are to pay the bill within seven days after the project is completed. One of your clients has refused to pay, leaving you thousands of dollars short. This can hurt your business and put your profits in the red. If a client refuses to pay, your small business interruption policy will pay the difference and help you keep the business afloat until you are able to get a payment from the client or a settlement in court.

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