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4 Commercial Spaces Ideal for Snack and Smoothie Bars

Snack and smoothie bars are a real lifesaver for people on the go. In an increasingly busy, fast-moving society, people are looking for convenient options to satiate their hunger and thirst. Someone may not have time to sit and eat a salad, but they sure can slurp down a green smoothie. Employees hunting for a mid-afternoon snack reach for a bag of trail mix or fruit cup over a heavy meal. The point is: If you can offer people nutritious, convenient fare in a pleasant environment, you’re in business!

But first, you have to find the ideal commercial space and protect it with business insurance for snack and smoothie bars. A Business Owners Policy will provide both general liability and property coverage for your physical establishment. This way, you’ll be financially cushioned against damage from natural disasters and any accidents that occur on your premises.

Half the battle is choosing the right commercial space to set up shop. Besides foot traffic, you’ll want to find an area without too many competitors. Here are some configurations to consider for your snack and smoothie business.

Standalone Shops

Depending on your business model, you may choose to buy or lease a commercial building of your own. This gives you creative control over the look and feel of your food and beverage bar. But with this power comes the responsibility to pay for and maintain your premises, inside and out. If you do choose this option, make sure you pick a building in a busy area, preferably with parking.

Fitness Centers

Some snack and smoothie bars occupy a space inside a larger organization, like a fitness center. There are a few advantages to this model. As one manager notes, “When the beverage bar is already in the fitness facility, our target market is already there.”

To drum up business, all you’ll have to do is entice facility members to give your goods a try. One surefire way to do so is setting out samples, perhaps miniature versions of your best-selling smoothie. You can also position an employee at the front counter to greet people as they enter the lobby. Businesses that already offer a healthy product lineup will find the best luck here.

Shopping Malls

Fans of e-commerce are quick to say the shopping mall is dead, but that’s not necessarily true. Mall occupancy was 95 percent at the end of 2016—that’s 848 million square feet of space used. Malls may be changing, but they’re not obsolete. And when do people want a snack more than when they’re tired from shopping? Franchised locations typically perform well in malls, either in food courts or near anchor stores.

Event Centers

Every once in awhile, you have to expect to take your smoothie and snack show on the road. Maybe your city hosts an annual vegan fest, or perhaps there’s a can’t-miss event setting up in your local conference center. Either way, you can apply to be a vendor and pop up an abbreviated, mobile version of your store.

No matter what you decide to do, carry business insurance for snack and smoothie bars to protect you from damage and liability. Find an affordable policy today with CoverHound!

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