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3 Ways to Get Your Lawn Care Company Ready for a Busy Summer

With temperatures climbing into the triple digits, kids (and adults) alike are running through garden sprinklers and sliding down slip-n-slides in the backyard. With all of this extra water usage, neighborhood lawns around the city are looking a little worse for the wear.

This is a huge moment for your lawn care business. Customers will be calling you up and asking for help and guidance in the care of their lawn and landscaping. If you do good work here, you could jumpstart your business and grow your clientele over the next year.

After you have purchased lawn care business insurance through CoverHound—you need to take care of your business like you do your customers!—you’ll need to make sure you have what need to keep the business going and to make it a success.

Here are three ways to make sure your lawn care business makes that green this summer! And no, we’re not talking about grass!

Make sure you’re licensed.

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but lawn care business owners must have the proper licensure to work in the community. The Small Business Chronicle writes that it’s required (requirements vary by state) to “apply for all necessary town permits, state licenses and tax registration for a lawn care business.” Visit your local county clerk and check out your state’s business regulation laws before signing on a customer; you don’t want to be held liable for damages to a customer’s yard and face further trouble when it comes to light that you didn’t have the compulsory permits to do the landscaping work.

Get the best equipment.

No one is going to want to hire your business if the tools you have are what they have sitting in the garage. Invest in a quality lawn mower, edger, trimmer, garden bags, rake, compost bags, etc. Not only do you need excellent equipment, you’ll need to protect yourself and your employees from the elements. Invest in strong, durable uniforms that’ll protect you and your employees from the bleating sun and relentless rain, along with a hat, gloves and eye and ear protection.

Market your business.

No one will hire you if they don’t know your business exists. Though word-of-mouth is an excellent way to get referrals, it doesn’t bring in the amount of business you need to get it up off of the ground. HindSite recommends going door-to-door and introducing yourself to the neighborhood. To make sure you’re hitting your target audience, make sure the houses you’re visiting have a lawn and landscaping! Present the homeowners with a business card that includes your name, the name of your business and how to reach you.

If you have a website, (your business should have a website and social media presence) document the projects your business has completed and include how homeowners can get the same look, etc. When it’s perceived that you want to help the customer in whatever way you can, they’ll want to do business with you.

To get your lawn care business off and running this summer, do exactly what’s on this list. To make sure your business investments are protected, sign up for lawn care business insurance with CoverHound today.

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