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3 Tips to Find Experienced Drivers to Support Your Business

The hiring process can be a grueling experience for an interviewee. It’s not just about figuring out what to wear or how early to arrive for the interview; it’s also about being able to articulate your skill-set and being likeable. As the owner and hiring manager of your small business, you know that being the interviewer isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

Before you hire an employee, you want to be sure that your candidates’ are professional, ethical and, again, likeable. It’s easy to assume that first person who walks in your office and gives you a hearty handshake and ready smile is the person missing from your team, but looks can be deceiving.

Experience, effort and a can-do attitude are hot commodities on the job market. Running a passenger transportation service, you know that looks, professionalism and experience must all come together if the business is to succeed. Besides that, the more experienced your driving team is, the lower your commercial auto insurance rates will be!

Here are three hiring tips to help you find driving candidates that will really get your business zooming.

Draft an employee checklist

Before placing a ‘help wanted’ ad, draft a list of things you want and expect from the employee. All too often, managers place generic ads that collect resumes from undesirable candidates, such as those with little to no experience in the desired field of interest.

The Balance tells hiring managers that an itemized checklist detailing the specific wants and needs of the position will help to sieve through the candidates that do not meet said position’s standards.

Check background and references

Your drivers are the face of the business. Driving in city streets with your company’s logo wrapped around the vehicle, a road rage incident or an accident caused by your employee could have severe ramifications on your business.

Conduct a background check on your potential new-hires and call every one of the references listed on their resume. You might be surprised to learn this, but according to Time Magazine, 2,500 hiring managers surveyed by CareerBuilder caught 56 percent of job seekers lying on their resumes. If it’s learned that you hired a driver with unpaid speeding tickets or worse, a DUI, you could be sued for negligence if that employee hurts someone else on the job.

Offer ‘Good Driving’ bonuses

Your employees deserve to be rewarded for their fastidious attention to the customer’s needs and superb driving skills. For every three months that they have taken care of the customer without a transport delay, buy them lunch. For every six months they don’t accrue a ticket, take the crew out to drinks. And lastly, for every year of quality service, provide them an ample bonus—they deserve it.

Good employees will stick around if they believe the boss appreciates their work. You’ll hire and retain good employees if you follow the tips above.

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