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3 Sites To See When Road Tripping Through Wisconsin

Driving across state can get a little dull, and you can only play so many games of “I spy with my little eye.” Whether you’re on the road for business or a family trip, make the drive part of the fun. If you’re new to the area or want to learn more about what’s in your own backyard, hop in the car and go all the way! If you’re a Wisconsinite or about to become one, just make sure your [car insurance Wisconsin]( policy follows Wisconsin insurance rules, you don’t want to be caught without coverage!

**Be a ‘Tourist’ in Your Home State**
Without really realizing it, people take for granted the things that are readily available to them, such as nature, for example. The “outside” world (other cities, states and countries) are much more exotic by comparison. Even if you’ve never visited the hallowed sites of your stomping grounds, part of you feels there’s no need. It’s there, it will always be there, so why bother? There’s something much more alluring about visiting another state, but you can find culture and wonder in your proverbial hometown (or state) if you just know where to look.

**Cave of the Mounds**
Settled in 1939 by famed miner Ebenezer Brigham, Wisconsin’s [Cave of the Mounds]( was accidentally discovered when quarry workers mining limestone blasted dynamite that caused an opening into the Cave. All quarry work stopped and the Cave of the Mounds became a pilgrimage site celebrating the beauty and wonder of nature. Today you can enjoy hiking trails, have a picnic or dig for gemstones at this awe-inspiring site—there’s fun to be had for the whole family!

**Monona Terrace**
Built in 1997 following the plans of the great American architect (and Wisconsinite!) Frank Lloyd Wright, the [Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center]( is a LEED-certified building that boasts Wright’s detail to geometry and worship of nature. Despite being built 40 years after his death, Wright’s Monona Terrace encapsulates Wright’s vision of civic duty and community building. Originally designed to be a governmental, recreational and cultural epicenter, the Monona Terrace has in part stayed true to its original terms of use, being used as a site for weddings, conferences and even international affairs. Wright has left an enduring architectural legacy across the U.S., and you can be part of it by taking a tour of this posthumous architectural achievement.

**Mirror Lake State Park**
Sporting over 2,000 acres of lush, verdant green trees and foliage, [Mirror Lake State Park]( offers hikers, adventurers and nature lovers fresh air, cool waters and stunning views. Spend the day free climbing, fishing or specimen collecting (ask park rangers first) on your own or with the family! Whatever you do, make sure to fit in a kayak expedition down the river to really get an idea of the park’s enchantment!

Road trips can be made to be fun if you know how to do them right, and that means knowing where to stop along the way. Introduce yourself to new sites and communities - they’re not all the same! Before you head off on your next adventure make sure your Wisconsin car insurance policy is up-to-date. And if you’re looking for a new policy, [visit]( our comparison and shopping portal today.

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