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3 Reasons You Need Business Insurance for Your Bridal Store

Customers visit your shop looking for one thing: the perfect bridal gown. Your bridal store plays an important part in a bride-to-be’s wedding planning. It’s in your store where she finds the dress she’s been dreaming about. It’s in your store where she’ll not only select her white wedding dress, but where she’ll design her wedding party’s formal ensemble.

In effect, your store will have a featured role in the bride’s wedding memories: what bride can forget when she first looked into the mirror and saw tears of joy in her mother’s eyes when she tried on that final dress?

Your bridal store will have many sweet moments, but those sweet moments will be tempered by a couple of tough ones.

Here are three reasons why your bridal store needs commercial insurance coverage:

When trying on the dress, the bride-to-be slipped and fell: In her excitement to try on her next dress, the bride steps off the foot stool, her foot gets tangled in the train of the dress and she falls down, hard.

When the bride tries to laugh it off and pick herself up, she realizes she has twisted her ankle. Suddenly her mother is claiming that your store’s foot stool was wonky and now it’s your fault that she won’t be able to walk down the aisle. Your retail business insurance (under property and bodily injury liability) will cover the bride’s medical fees and will even cover litigation, should they try to take you to court for bodily injury.

A thief stole expensive product: As you come into work early Saturday morning to prepare for a bridesmaid’s fitting, you discover that the store front window is no more: at your feet is shattered glass. The window display is ripped, stained and broken. As you venture in and move behind the sales counter, you find that safe has been cracked and all of the jewelry that you packed the night before is gone.

Not to fret. While the initial shock of the robbery will be disarming and scary, your business insurance will cover you for the repairs to your storefront and will replace the merchandise that was damaged or stolen. If the thief stole a customer’s purchased garments or other product, your same insurance will reimburse them too.

A wedding party damages some garments: A group of gals walk in exclaiming they’re there to try on bridesmaids’ dresses and ask for your help. You show them a selection of dresses and take them to the dressing room, offering your assistance, should they need it.

After trying on the dresses they throw them on the floor and ask you for champagne; they’re celebrating after all. After bringing them champagne and exchanging out dresses one for another, you hear what sounds like something ripping: in trying to remove a dress, a customer has ripped it.

While it’s happily not the same experience the bridal shop owner had in the film Bridesmaids, your product has still been damaged. Your commercial insurance will pay for the garment’s repair or replacement, along with any other dresses the wedding party may have destroyed.

Your bridal store is meant to be a place of beauty and happiness; commercial insurance will help you make sure it stays that way. Visit CoverHound to sign up for your business insurance plan today.

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