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3 reasons to install a home security system

Installing a home security system can protect your house from unwanted harm while also providing your family with peace of mind. Admittedly, the installation and use of these systems requires a monthly payment, but the benefits might just outweigh the costs. Here are three ways to benefit from a home security system.

1. Protect your home from intruders

A 2009 Rutgers study determined that the number of home security systems installed in a neighborhood inversely correlates with the amount of crime in the area. Criminals are less likely to attempt a home invasion when they know the owner has installed a home security system. Additionally, the mobile applications corresponding with these systems make it easier for homeowners to monitor the house when they are away. Even if a burglar attempts to enter the home, the alarm will sound in an effort to scare him or her off.

2. Protect your home from accidents

The mobile monitoring on many of the latest security systems involves receiving alerts if the fire alarm or carbon monoxide detector is going off in the home. Homeowners can usually set up the system so that the proper authorities are automatically contacted in the event of one of these alerts. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the year 2013 yielded 369,500 house fires resulting in a total of $6.8 billion in damages. While fire protection is typically provided with home insurance, it is better to not have to use it in the first place.

3. Lower your home insurance

Home owners can save around 20 percent on home insurance rates by installing a home security system. A security system can serve as the owner's first line of defense against loss of valuables, instead of the insurance company, which works out for both parties.

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