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3 Factors Patients Consider When They Pick a Physician

Before setting up an appointment with your practice, you can bet that prospective patients do a bit of research on you, your training and your staff.

Patients want to be assured that you are a well-respected professional; any sort of aberrant behavior or missed diagnoses can put a stain on your career, not to mention patients suffering from iatrophobia!

If something negative were to swirl around your practice, causing you to lose patients, business insurance for medical professionals will come in to aid you in your time of need. Business insurance doesn’t only cover the cost of disruption; it also covers the repair and replacement costs for your practice.

So, what can you do to get new patients and to keep your current patients happy? Here are three factors to consider:

How much experience do you have?

Yes, you’ve gone to medical school and completed your residency, but that’s still not enough experience in the opinion of some patients.

Patients want to know that their doctor has dealt with their illnesses and diagnoses before and had success doing so. How can a patient experiencing Lyme disease symptoms possibly feel comfortable discussing it with a doctor who hasn’t seen a case of Lyme disease in the flesh before? That’s what they’ll be feeling.

Keep an updated practice website that details your experience, it’ll help patients trust you.

What health insurance plans does your medical practice accept?

As you well know(after all, you’re in the business!), healthcare costs are expensive. Unfortunately, you can’t possibly accept all insurance networks, it doesn’t work that way. While you try to come to an arrangement with your patients, not all of them will be able to afford your services out of pocket.

Before seeing a doctor, prospective patients will look to see whether or not you accept their form of insurance. Before opening your practice, it’s best to see what form of health insurance is most commonly used in the area you’re considering opening up shop. If they don’t use the insurance you can take, it’s best to work elsewhere.

Where are you located?

Healthcare Success reports that 62 percent of prospective patients are more likely to choose a physician based on their location than on other factors.

Why is location so important?

According to LeBauer HealthCare, a clinic’s location is important for three reasons:

− Time spent in traffic takes away from other responsibilities. Patients are less likely to make appointments if the office is far from home and the office.

− A closely-located clinic allows patients to make their follow up appointments faster. Should the patient need to come in for more rounds of tests, they can do so at their lunch break rather than taking a sick day.

− Should the patient need immediate care, they can get in the car and in a matter of minutes be seated and ready for an examination by their trusted doctor.

If your office is a half an hour drive or more away from the nearest suburb or downtown, deeply consider moving offices.

Knowing what you do now, it’s time to open your practice’s doors! But, before you do, make sure to sign up for business insurance for medical professionals with CoverHound!

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