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3 Benefits to Advertising on Company Vehicles

Most modern marketing strategies involve some mix of traditional and digital advertising. But you may be missing out on a great ad opportunity right under your nose: your company vehicle(s)! Whether you drive a single delivery van or a high-tech fleet of work trucks, you have a built-in canvas for getting your logo, phone number and slogan out into the world.

Half the battle is buying the vehicle and comparing commercial auto insurance quotes—after that, putting it to optimal use as a moving billboard is simple! Here are three benefits to advertising on your company’s vehicles.

It’s an affordable way to advertise

It’s true that getting a business vehicle wrapped can cost hundreds or, more likely, thousands of dollars. But according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America for Intuit, vehicle wraps cost four cents per thousand impressions; outdoor signs cost $3.56 per thousand impressions and newspaper ads cost $19.70 for the same. In other words, the CPM for vehicle wraps is much lower than other forms of advertising if you’re willing to make the initial investment.

It goes wherever you do

Whether you have to make a cross-town delivery or hop on the highway for a longer jaunt, your vehicle can at least be working for you in more ways than one. Creating a visual billboard is one way to take advantage of this flexibility; since you’re already going to be out and about, you might as well take the opportunity to reinforce your branding. “Even a single intra-city truck with graphics can generate up to 16 million visual impressions in a year,” writes 3M.

It may even protect your paint

There are many different ways to brand your commercial vehicles, including partial and full wraps. One surprising benefit to getting a full wrap is that it may protect what’s underneath, increasing the resale value of your fleet vehicles. When you’re selecting your wrap method and material, choose a high-quality vinyl and consider full-body coverage if you can afford it. The upside is that a quality vehicle wrap can last up to seven years—most business owners keep their wraps for somewhere between six and 10 years.

Just because you go with a full-body wrap doesn’t mean that your vehicle needs to be covered in words, pictures and calls to action (CTA). After all, it may be zooming past potential customers at considerable speed. Clarity is key; just like billboards tend to stick to a short slogan, one compelling image/logo and one call to action, so should your vehicle wraps. Take some time to figure out the desired outcome and your unique selling proposition, then design the CTA to match.

Your commercial vehicle or fleet is already extremely important to your operations; it’s how you get from point A to point B and beyond. Advertising is just one more way to boost your return on investment (ROI) and reinforce your brand while you’re in transit.

Before you outfit your cars, trucks or vans with advertising materials, make sure they’re fully covered in the event of an accident. Compare commercial auto insurance quotes with CoverHound today to find the best fit!

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