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15 Strange Ways to Land Yourself a Traffic Ticket

Over 100,000 people are written up a traffic ticket every day. Americans spend over $6 billion a year in speeding tickets. Can you imagine what else that money could be used for if motorists were more careful on the road?

Unlike hundreds of thousands of drivers who are pulled over every day for a traffic violation, you take your driving responsibilities seriously. You follow the speed limit, get regular car maintenance and keep your car insurance up-to-date. Just by looking up car insurance comparison quotes online , you are already making yourself a more conscientious motorist.

As a sensible driver, you want to make sure that you’re on the up-and-up of traffic safety. Sure, you can get tickets for more than speeding and illegal U-turns. Is there anything really out there that you can get a ticket for?

Yep, there sure is, and you’ve come to the right place to read about it. Here are 15 strange state laws that can get you served a ticket.

Alabama: You can be ticketed for driving with a blindfold on.

Alaska: Moving house? Don’t tie down your dog or cat’s pet carrier on top of your vehicle’s roof. Pets cannot be transported this way and you’ll be ticketed. Also, it’s just cruel.

Colorado: If you own a black car, driving through Denver on a Sunday will put you on a traffic cop’s radar.

Delaware: Are you changing your clothes in the car? Lookout for passing police officers, they’ll ticket you!

Idaho: If you’re a senior motorist , not only are your car insurance rates higher, but if you’re older than 88, you’ll get in trouble for riding a motorcycle through Idaho Falls.

Georgia: Do you enjoy chewing tobacco on an evening car ride? Don’t let an officer spot you spit from your moving car or they’ll turn right around and pull you over.

Kansas: Transporting dead poultry? Kansas cops will find out, and they will ticket you.

Maryland: Do you curse when another driver cuts you off? Cursing in a vehicle in Rockville, Maryland will bring you a fine.

New Jersey: Don’t give a police officer a scowl or frown, unless your goal is to get a traffic ticket.

Ohio: If your gas light is on, you had better fill up. It’s illegal to run out of gas in Youngstown, Ohio.

Oklahoma: Trying to get caught up in the latest superhero fight? Reading your comic books while operating a vehicle will land you in hot water.

Massachusetts: Are you transporting your pet gorilla to the animal sanctuary that’s opened down the street. Think again about taking him by car, by law, he’s not allowed to sit in the backseat!

South Carolina: Do you have a hard time keeping the interior of your vehicle organized? Don’t let an officer spot your messy car in Hilton Head, South Carolina, or you are guaranteed a ticket.

Utah: If you don’t give a bird the right-of-way on a highway and a cop notices, be prepared to pull over.

Vermont: If your car backfires in Rutland, Vermont, a cop will come zooming after you to write you a ticket.

If you should get ticketed for any of the above and your car insurance rates rise, don’t worry, CoverHound is here to help. Compare affordable car insurance rates now.

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