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Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Car for Dangerous Driving Conditions

Whether you like it or not, cold weather is quickly approaching and has already arrived in some parts of the country. Days are getting shorter, and temperatures are dropping. Soon there will be snow and ice on the road, and you’ll want to be prepared so you don’t end up paying more for auto repairs or auto insurance down the road, for no reason.

We’ve put together some quick tips to help you stay safe on the road this winter and prepare for those unexpected driving situations.


Have your auto mechanic replace your wiper blades so that they’ll be able to clear snow and ice. If you live in a really cold place, take it a step further and purchase winter wiper blades, which will cut through ice faster.


Have your car mechanic check your tire tread. You’ll need the extra grip for those icy conditions and dangerous, black ice. Replace your tires if your grip is running thin, and take it a step further and get snow tires, if you live in a place with super snowy conditions. Also, have your spare tire checked out as well. What’s the point of a spare, if it’s in poor shape?

Check your air pressure in your tires as well. Low-pressure tires wear faster and can lead to a blow-out. You don’t want to be left stranded in the dark on the side of the road in freezing temperatures.


Have your mechanic check your battery for issues. Chemical reactions that generate electricity slow as the temperature drops, so it’ll be important to ensure your battery is strong.

Oil & Fluids

Changing your oil and keeping it at regular levels is always important, but you’ll also want to check your brake fluid and antifreeze as well. Make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid too for clearing off those dirty, icy windshields.

Emergency Kit

Can you imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere in the dark and freezing cold? Be prepared and have an emergency kit, and always have your phone charged and keep a charger in the car. Here’s what the kit should include:




Bottled water

High energy snacks (granola bars/protein bars/nuts)

Jumper cables

Jack & spare tire

Ice scraper

Flash light

First aid kit

Duct tape


So, we realize that the first aid kid might sound slightly over the top, but preparing for the worst-case scenario driving conditions will keep you safe and help you keep your cool, when the minor hiccups pop up along the way. Stay safe and warm this winter season, and as always, protect yourself with great auto insurance coverage.

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