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So What's the Deal with UFO Insurance?

UFO insurance, also known as alien abduction insurance, has been purchased by more than 20,000 people worldwide looking to insure their lives, health, property and/or sanity against alien abduction.

The number of carriers and policies on the market is actually quite small, extremely disproportionate to the amount of media attention UFO insurance gets. The best-known seller of UFO abduction insurance is the [Saint Lawrence Agency](, in Florida, which offers coverage for a lifetime premium of $19.95. If you have the insurance, and can prove you were abducted, you will get paid $1 every year until you die. Two claimants are currently receiving payouts, both in New York.

Notable policyholders include Shirley MacLaine and a Harvard professor who has written about alien abduction.

It is a little surprising how “unofficial” and small the industry really is. This might not have as much to do with the relative difficulty of substantiating abduction claims as it does with the people who might be interested in abduction in the first place.

Alien abduction, like religious experience, most often comes to those primed to experience it. In other words, The believers get the call. If you aren’t looking for the silllhoutte of the Virgin Mary on your piece of toast, you probably won’t find it. These people, in the abduction context, are therefore not going to protect themselves and/or their property against the possibly of an encounter -- mainly because they welcome it. Similarly, if and when they are abducted, those primed for the moment will report a generally positive experience, and not turn to their insurance provider for a payout.

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