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Natalie Shares Her Experiences Interning at CoverHound

I spent two months last summer interning with CoverHound and, I’m happy to report, it truly was an invaluable experience. Joining when there were only three people on staff, I not only was able to work closely with the CEO, CMO, and CTO and gain insight into all facets of the business, but I was also able to feel like a valuable member of the team.

While everyone in the office had his own set of responsibilities, it was a very collaborative environment and most decisions seemed to involve everyone in the room. I was able to be an active participant in important discussions concerning the company’s strategic direction and positioning -- and while I had various projects throughout the summer, a favorite task was developing the company’s tagline. After some brainstorming sessions that dead-ended in dog puns, the process culminated with me leading a discussion that tackled some vital branding questions and, ultimately, resulted in a tagline we all really liked (‘Compare with Confidence’).

Another favorite project was my work with Rory in redesigning the company’s Facebook page. Together, we developed a new online campaign and fan-gated page that earned us more than 1,000 ‘Likes.’ In this process I drew the specs, worked with designers, researched the necessary information, and ultimately was able to create a highly innovative and effective social-media strategy. Some of my other responsibilities included producing a demo video (which involved researching vendors and working with the chosen company to develop a script), writing blog articles, and improving site content. Alongside all of this, Basil encouraged and helped me to explore and build-out my own new business idea. I think this level of support and exposure is highly indicative of my time spent working at CoverHound.

The internship allowed me to add value, get hands-on experience in a vital stage of the company’s growth, and also gain more general knowledge of the tech world. In addition to the constant discussion of company matters (ranging from hiring people to details of the insurance world to back-end technicalities), I was also constantly learning about other startups and happenings in e-commerce. Everyone in the office would answer questions before I even had the chance to ask them and a significant part of each day was simply spent in interesting conversation. Accordingly, I was not only fortunate enough to be an integral part of the team and gain valuable experience, but I also had a really good time. They are great guys to work with and be around and I’m very happy to still be contributing.

For anyone looking to gain more hands-on, business experience and for those excited by the prospect of working with an early-stage company, I would highly recommend interning with CoverHound. Though insurance may not seem like the most exciting subject, it was easy to get excited about as they are building a great product that will help a lot of people. What more can you ask for?

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