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Meet Rhiannon Estandia, Client Care Services Team Leader

We would like to introduce you to Rhiannon Estandia, our Client Care Services Team Leader! She's been a very important member of the CoverHound team since July of 2014. I took some time to sit down with Rhi, so you could get to know her better.

Tell me about where you grew up? Where do you live now? How long have you lived in the LA area, and what brought you there?

I grew up in Thousand Oaks / Newbury Park for most of my life. I was lucky enough to live in my same house from the age of 8- 22. It was great to not have to keep moving! Now after a few moves from Camarillo to Simi Valley and then back to Camarillo again, we have made Camarillo our permanent home. Of all the cities I’ve live in nothing felt quite like home as Camarillo does. Close to the beach but not too far away from the glitz and glam of Los Angeles.

What are your hobbies, and what do you like to do on your time off?

When I have the time off, I normally spend as much of it as possible with my hubby (Daniel) and my puppy (Milly). Any given weekend you can catch me wine tasting, hiking, attempting to beat my gym record or at the nearest dog park or in the kitchen cooking up my latest creation.

Favorite vacation you've been on?

My favorite vacation would have to be my trip to San Francisco! Between the food, views, people and seeing the Giants play, I haven’t been on any trip quite as relaxing and adventurous… yet. (Come visit us in SF!)

What's your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be a trip to an exotic location with culture, blue seas, amazing food and a place to relax. My mind is picturing a trip to Bora Bora… “sigh”. (Ditto!)

If you could pick any actress to play you in a feature film, who would it be and why?

I would love to have Audrey Hepburn play me in a movie. She is classy, stylish, feminine and yet a strong woman who knows what she wants. I have always looked up to her as one of my biggest role models. PLUS, who doesn’t envy that cat eye and Tiffany jewelry? (Ahh, Rhi, I could not agree more!)

What's your guilty pleasure?


If you won the lottery today, what's the first thing you would buy or do?

Pay off all our wedding debt. Then go straight to the closest mini cooper dealership and buy my Roadster finally… Also treat my family to all the things they deserve but can’t always afford.

If you could go back in time to any moment or time period, what would it be and why?

Peace, Love and Rock and Roll... The 70’s.

Tell me about your dog.

I have a 2 year old Chocolate Lab (Milly), who will cuddle you to death if she is allowed to. She still thinks she is 2 months old when she steps all over you!

What brought you to CoverHound?

I remember reading the job posting for a “Rock Star Customer Service Rep” and thinking to myself… Insurance reps can’t be “rockstars”, it’s not that great of a job (which is why I was looking to leave where I was.). But as I researched CoverHound I realized this company was different from anything I have ever seen before. I went for an interview, and it was more than what I imagined. The friendliness of everyone blew me away. You could tell everyone came here because they loved it. I wanted that too. I wanted to wake up every day looking forward to the next 8 hours. I have never once regretted my decision or waking up for work each day.

Rhi, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! You are a rockstar, and we love having you as part of the team!

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