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Match the Celebrity with the Car Accident

Match the celebrity (letter) with the description of the accident (number) below it.

1) This driver left the house under duress at 2:30 a.m. and drove about 50 fifty feet before colliding with a fire hydrant and then a tree. This person was also known to have taken the sleep-aid Ambien before the crash. Generous tip: there may or may not have been a golf club involved.

2) After relocating from Dallas, this driver wasted little time getting used to the nightlife on the Hamptons. Two days later a Cadillac SUV was totally scrapped at the hands of a large tree, just a few minutes before 2 a.m. The star then took to Twitter to issue an insincere apology.

3) Southern France. Hit by an oncoming car. Not at-fault. This driver was seriously injured; a passenger was killed. Activism on the dangers of driving ensued.

4) This celebrity car-crasher has multiple car accident “challenges.” One occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway. And this stars most recent fender bender happened this past Wednesday! Can someone say "chauffeur"?

5) This driver’s accident was caused by street racing, which sound like a bad idea. The celebrity behind the wheel walked away just fine, unfortunately his friend and passenger did not fare as well (though he did survive). Five months in prison resulted, as did and a private settlement with the victim’s family.

6) This driver had an invalid, out-of-state license, and confessed to drinking a few beers before getting behind the wheel. However, the police neglected to administer a field sobriety test and and concluded the accident was the other driver’s fault. Hint: there was also a later incident with a bon... water pipe, followed by a friend’s betrayal and then tabloid coverage.

7) This driver was hit by a bad driver in a minivan at 6:30 a.m., just hours after signing a new, lucrative contract. No one was seriously hurt, and the whole city of Boston was able to take a collective breath of relief.

8) There are a lot of former teen stars / bad drivers on this list, but this person is the only one whose accident was directly the cause of another person's death. In 2006, this celebrity was never charged with a crime, despite the fact that the Range Rover he or she was driving was responsible for killing someone.

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