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Is Twins Insurance A Real Thing?

The answer is, somehow, yes. More formally known as Multiple Birth Insurance, this type of coverage helps families “protect” against having more than one child per pregnancy.

We all know that babies cost money, placing great strain on the bottom line of every family they enter. And one of the few things more disruptive than a baby on a family’s budget -- is another baby, or two, or three. Think you’re going to Paris the spring after having a kid? Think again.

So here’s how it works: you choose the payout amount and then the actuarial data takes over and figures out the monthly payments needed for whatever timeframe is germane to your situation. And then if you have 2 children at the same time after signing up for the policy, you get the payout. If you don’t, the house -- I mean, the carrier -- keeps your money.

Of course there are stipulations. The most of obvious is you can’t already know that you’re having twins. That would be like totally not fair. Another is usually that you can’t have undergone fertility treatment during the 24 months leading up to the inception of the policy. Just ask [Octomom]( whether more fertility treatments can equal eight kids.

Perhaps the biggest item to note here is that Twin Insurance (if it were featured on CNN the chiron machine would definitely call it Twinsurance) is not currently available in the U.S, though it is fairly popular in the U.K.

So, my fellow Americans, if this bet/product really makes you gleek you should either consider learning the learning the lyrics to God Save the Queen, or just invest in credit default swaps until your kids are born.

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