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Is pet insurance a real thing?

Everyone who has a pet knows that they would do anything for that animal. Pets have a way of making their way into our lives, hearts, and families. So should you get pet insurance for that special animal? Is pet insurance even a real thing?

Pet insurance covers unexpected veterinary bills. So if your pet gets sick or has some sort of accident, you've got insurance to help cover the costs. There are different plans available, depending on which animal you have. There are dog health plans, cat health plans, and bird and exotic pet health plans. You also have options of where to obtain these plans. The ASPCA is one option. There are also a number of websites such as and

Rates range a bit, but not by much. You can easily get pet insurance for between $19 and $35 a month. Most plans will cover everything from ear infections to hospitalization to chronic kidney disease. They will also cover x-rays, surgeries, and medications. And under most plans you can see any veterinarian that you want. Another plus is that you may have a choice of getting reimbursed up to 90% after paying a deductible.

Overall, pet insurance looks like a good investment. It's not too expensive, so you're not breaking the bank. It's also a really good idea, since as technology expands, the prices of medicines and surgies for animals are getting higher. And of course you want to be able to keep your pet alive and healthy without going broke yourself.

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