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Insuring your Nissan Altima

Have you been wondering which car has been voted the most popular so far in 2012? We were too. Apparently it's the Nissan Altima. It's a solid pick for a midsize sedan. Responsive steering, many electronic features, and quiet ride. The only downside is the fact that the backseat is slightly smaller than some of its rivals'. So what does the insurance look like for the Nissan Altima?

It's good to remember the four main factors carriers scrutinize when assessing how much a car will cost to insure. Those four factors are safety rating, cost of replacing parts, damage susceptibility, and likelihood of theft. Let's see how the Nissan Altima stacks up.

Safety rating: The Nissan Altima received 4 out 5 stars for frontal impacts and all 5 stars for side impacts. It has also received the Institute for Highway Safety's best possible rating of "good."

Cost of replacing parts: Thankfully for most Nissans it is pretty simple to find parts in North America, since this is where most of the manufacturing plants are now located. There are plenty of auto parts websites that keep them in stock as well. In short, there is no shortage of Nissan Altima parts on the market.

Damage susceptibility: The Altima's reliability rates are pretty decent as well. Initial overall quality has been rated a 3 out of 5. And there haven't been any major reports of faulty aspects of this car.

Likelihood of theft: Of course, the Altima comes with the standard anti-theft and locks system. That includes child lock, anti-theft alarm, and vehicle ant-theft lockout. Though the standard systems may not prevent every theft, they sure do help.

For these reasons it looks like the Nissan Altima is moderately inexpensive to insure for the average driver, relative to others in its class. And of course there are a few other factors that go into the overall insurance premium rate. Make sure to shop around for the best rate for you.

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