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Insuring the Midlife Crisis: Chevy Camaro vs. Dodge Challenger

We’ve all been around someone who’s gone through a midlife crisis. And that person is often a man. And that man either wants to fly to Amsterdam, shave his head, get a tattoo, run a marathon barefoot, go to the World Cup final -- or something else relatively extreme.

But often it’s just an excuse to get a new car.

So we figured we’d combine our expertise of human nature (not really) with our expertise about car insurance (for reals) and see which quintessential midlife crisis car is less pricey to cover.

So which is cheaper to insure: the Chevy Camaro SS or the Dodge Challenger SRT8?

This is the moment within our comparison posts when we step back to remind folks that four major factors carriers look at when determining the cost of a vehicle to insure are: safety ratings, damage susceptibility, likelihood of theft, and replacement cost.

The 2012 Chevy Camaro gets excellent safety ratings. According to Edmunds, it received the top 5-star rating in government crash tests -- both for front-crash and side-impact protection. The sleek design which makes it a target for folks suffering through a midlife crisis also make its attractive to thieves. And while sticker price does not always correlate to insurance prices -- an expensive Volvo can cost less to insure than a Miata -- the base price for the Camaro is $32,280.

The 2012 Dodge Challenger is, in this writer’s opinion, even sweeter looking than the Camaro, and, if forced at gunpoint to purloin one of them, it would be the Challenger. This vehicle also gets excellent safety ratings, though there are legitimate concerns about its small rearview window which crops views significantly. The price for the base model Challenger is $44,125.

Accordingly, the 2012 Chevy Camaro SS is 19.49% less expensive to insure than is the 2012 Dodge Challenger.

Though the safety ratings are fairly even, the Challenger is more susceptible to damage because of the limited rear views. Additionally, the Challenger’s base price is too much to overcome especially since a lot of the drivers who buy these cars are the same folks going through midlife crises and they’re not exactly buying them to drive slowly to a picnic with the family on Sunday afternoons. More crashes mean more replacements of parts, and sticker price generally represents the sum of the parts.

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