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How to Avoid Crappy Insurance Sites

Though we can’t use such technical language in our press kit, the mission here at CoverHound is basically to help consumers avoid crappy insurance comparison sites. Apologies if that sounds glib, but those of you who’ve spent time on a crappy insurance site are probably nodding your head in frustrated agreement right now.

For readers still unsure of what we’re talking about, let us arrive at a definition. A crappy insurance site is one that:

1) Requires you to submit your phone number, and

2) Gives you articles that appeal to search engines first, and humans second, and

3) Sells your email address to 8+ carriers who will then email you repeatedly, and

4) Pretends to offer you policy real quotes, only to send you over to the carriers’ sites at the last minute

Let’s imagine such a crappy experience when it comes to buying an airplane ticket. Can you imagine depending on Google Search to land on a site you’ve never heard of, giving it your email address, waiting around while Delta and United and Southwest and JetBlue email you repeatedly with different rates in different emails, and then -- when you’re finally ready to buy -- getting shuttled back to the carrier’s site where you have to enter your preferences and information all over again?

We can’t really imagine this crappy experience either, (thankfully) because we don’t have to. The plane ticket-buying industry has already been modernized by comparison shopping sites like Kayak, Orbitz and Hipmunk, who have largely driven the crappy sites off the map. The revolution is mostly over when it comes shopping for the best airfare -- and the users have won. The same cannot yet be said of the insurance industry.

At CoverHound we’re building a brand, a relationship with the consumer. You won’t find us because a search bot thought the site was somehow slightly more relevant, but rather because it comes recommended from a friend who’s already enjoyed a superior experience. You get real, instant and actionable rates from all the major carriers -- not to mention top-notch content and features.

The best way to avoid crappy insurance sites is to raise your expectations of what users can experience when shopping for a new insurance policy.

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