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How students think about insurance

Last week we spent a few (super nice) days at San Francisco State University. Our aims were manifold -- raise awareness about CoverHound, sell some policies, check out the school's farmer's market -- but mostly we wanted to hear what students really thought about car and renters insurance.

Our main man Vince (pictured above) came by a few times, and answered some questions for us.

Q: Not to sound all old and corny but does anyone on campus ever talk about renters insurance?

I had a discussion about it with my roommates when I first got into my place. We made it mandatory for ourselves because of all our stuff and the landlord's.

Q: How about car insurance?

Yes, I've compared rates with friends.

Q: What would be a compelling sell for renters insurance for you kids? Don't you love your iPhones and laptops? You can protect them for like $15 a month.

Just a reminder that accidents and misfortunes do happen (maybe with some actual figures) and how renter's insurance would be so much cheaper than having to replace all our stuff. Also, if we didn't have these items, our careers as students would be over.

Q: Roughly what's your budget each month? Do you work? What do you to keep costs down?

I work, but I am totally dependent on myself, which means I have a lot of bills, so there's not a whole lot extra at the end of the month after rent, transportation, utilities, and groceries.

Q: Do you think parents help out a lot of college students with car insurance? What about renters insurance?

Definitely, I think a lot of college students get a lot of support from their parents during this period of their lives.

Q: What sites do you use to comparison shop online? What about for airfare? Do you want to shop for insurance?

I'd definitely comparison shop for insurance. I usually google everything and start my research from the top few results.

Q: What are you up to in school? What are you studying? What are your thoughts on the job market?

I'm a Business major with an emphasis in Decision Science. I know there are a lot of cool positions out there, but I'm not sure where to start to obtain them or how I can get myself on the top of the list with all the competition in the Bay Area.

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