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How Royce Saved $1200 / Year and Even Added Renters Insurance

I recently interviewed new CoverHound customer, Royce Nelson. Here’s the story of how he saved on car insurance and even added renters insurance for less than he was originally paying - plus, how that renters policy REALLY saved him!

How did you hear about CoverHound.

My wife was online looking through some different sites to get some insurance. She just pulled up the site, and that’s how we found it.

Tell us your insurance story.

Basically what happened was that we were paying like $239 per month through State Farm, and I had just moved to Washington and thought that was kind of ridiculous. So my wife started shopping the rates, and found CoverHound, and they included auto and renters insurance in our quote of $139 a month.

So, I’m a roofer, and I was on the roof doing work, and my wife called me and said we saved $100 per month on our insurance, and we got renters insurance added on too. I was like cool, insurance is something that you just don’t think about, but you know you really need.

That’s great you were able to add renters insurance. What happened next?

Then 10 days later I went out to my truck in the morning and things didn’t look right, so I started looking and all the tools were stolen. Everything I use to pay the bills, and feed the family, do the work and pay the rent. We’re just folks - I don’t have money in the bank and stuff so, the $11 a month was maybe more than somebody wanted to spend, but in the end, it was worth it to add on renters.

In two weeks, I had all of my tools replaced, and the tools that I replaced just to immediately get back to work, they even reimbursed me for those. It was SO cool - direct deposit right into my bank account. They compensated me for the depreciation of those old tools and my new tools, and it was painless, and it was awesome. I think everyone should get renters insurance!

What insurance carrier did you go with? How did CoverHound help?

I ended up going with The Hartford - it was the smoothest process of getting insurance that I’ve ever been through. I’m not an easy driver, I have a few speeding tickets. I don’t have a perfect record. I don’t have any accidents. I don’t have any DUIS. Even with that stuff, I mean to save a $100 / month, that’s huge. That’s half a car payment for people. That’s a lot of money. It happened quickly, and we were signed up that day. My wife was able to print the cards within an hour. When you can do that, it’s awesome. You guys rock!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this Royce! We’re thrilled you were so pleased with your CoverHound experience and that the renters insurance saved you in just the nick of time! If you would like to share your insurance shopping story with us, email us at

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