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How Berdenia Saved $700 a Year on Car and Renters Insurance

I interviewed our new customer, Berdenia Broes. She recently purchased insurance through CoverHound and was thrilled to chat with me about her experience!

Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m 74. I’m a retired nanny for Cuba Gooding Jr. I was there for over 20 years. I’m no longer living in California anymore, and I’m living where it’s cheap, cheap cheap in Chino Valley, Arizona. I live with my oldest son, and I have a very blessed life.

I’m not a smoker, I’m not a drinker, and at 74, I have my wits about me. I’m a better driver than most my age. You have to remember, it’s not you you have to trust, it’s the other people.

What made your experience with CoverHound so different?

When I come across people that I like and people that I trust, my loyalty knows no bounds. I have to tell you the second I was talking to Jackie (Insurance Advisor), she was so professional. I have to be honest with you and tell you that was one of the best business calls I’ve had. The time that I spent with Jackie on the phone, she was so clear about everything. I was like, wow, how can I get all sales reps to be like this? It was really very much a pleasure. In fact, I can do commercials for you guys!

She was personable, she was professional--there was nothing that I did not understand. The insurance that I had was with State Farm. My rep. was a very nice man. The problem was that I was paying $155 a month, yet I hardly drive anymore, because I’m on my computer or helping my daughter who is just down the road. I’m just not in my car very much, so for me to be paying $155 a month was just ridiculous because I’ve had a license since I was 13. At that time if you lived 7 miles outside of the city limits (in California) and there was no school bus coming your way, you could drive, and I was qualified because I drove a tractor from a young age. So, I’ve been driving for a long time, and I’ve never had an accident, so for me to be paying that much was ridiculous!

How did you hear about CoverHound?

To tell you the truth, I just came across it on the internet. Everything else was very expensive, especially for my needs, because I’m on a fixed income now. At 74, I’m living on social security, so I had to have something very, very cheap. I just moved to this new apartment, a low-income apartment, and it’s beautiful, and I wanted to get renters insurance and couldn’t afford it because I was paying so much on car insurance. Of course my State Farm rep said, I’ll see what I can do. Well, they got it down to $137, but it was still way too high!

Talking to Jackie at CoverHound was just such a pleasure. Really, I was looking for car insurance under $100, but I got RENTERS and CAR insurance for under $100 total. That to me was a freaking miracle! She is so good at what she does and very sweet and kind. I felt like I had known her all my life, like she was my daughter or granddaughter. Your company is so blessed to have her. In fact, I’m going to recommend you on Facebook too. If you have anyone else, and they are like Jackie, you better keep them.

I couldn’t have been more pleased and more excited. I called my State Farm rep back, and I told him I loved him, but I don’t like your insurance. You have a 1000% recommendation from me. You guys are great! Jackie made my day and my week. Thank you guys very very much! I’m grateful beyond words.

Wow!! Berdenia, we appreciate all of your kind words, and we are ecstatic that we were able to be such a big help to you! Thanks again for taking the time to share your story.

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