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Great Moments in Renters Insurance History, Incident 3 -- Ushered Out

Consider the case of Usher Raymond IV, known more widely as just Usher. His vehicle was picked through quite a bit, but more on that in a minute.

First an editorial note on Usher. Is it now fairly obvious that Usher’s fame has declined, or at least plateaued, in the last few years? Surely if a pop star were to be judged solely on his or her ability to sing and dance and have personal dynamism then Usher could have been as famous as Madonna or even Michael Jackson. But despite all the bald excesses of both MJ and Madonna they were both, in the final analysis, likeable. Whereas Usher is not at all likeable. He’s 34 now; he can already moonwalk; he can't be sitting on too many more tricks.

Anyway that doesn’t condone the theft of any of his belongings, as I could never begrudge a man distraught over the loss of his furs.

But digressions all: here is the background: in January of 2010, Usher and some friends walked into an AT&T Store in Atlanta. Meanwhile in the parking lot one malfeasant broke into his GMC Yukon and stole most of his Christmas gifts!

The illicit haul included a computer, $50,000 in furs(!) and more than $1 million of jewelry(!!).

Witnesses report that they saw a man get out of his car and pry open Usher’s back window, but they couldn’t say much else, going out on a limb.

Since we’ve neglected to give Usher the benefit of the doubt up until this point we’ll continue to do so now. So let’s say he was renting one of those super-sized McMansions on the outskirts of Buckhead, not owning one.

Did you know that renters insurance covers your stuff even when it’s in your car? Usher might have been able to buy all those furs back, on top of a million dollars’ plus a MacBook's worth of corn. But did he have Usher have renters insurance back then? Only he and his finite number of fans will ever have any idea.

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