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From Bad Experiences to Great Ones- Dave's Story

I recently interviewed new CoverHound customer, David C. about how he saved on car insurance by shopping with us. Here's his story.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m a self-employed CPA. I’m originally from Maryland, but I live in Orlando, Florida now. I’m married with two kids: a daughter who is in high school, and a son who’s in college. I live by the beach. It’s nice. I actually got my Insurance License 18 years ago, but I ended up never using it.

So how did you shop for insurance before you came across CoverHound?

I looked online. I tried a few places, including one that my sister recommended- but none of them could help me because we’ve had four accidents in the past five years. Two not-at-fault, two at-fault. During one accident I was standing on the side of the road, and my son was driving. He got T-boned because he misjudged how fast the other car was going. Everybody went to the hospital, but they’re okay now. I remember sitting there and thinking: this is going to be over 100k in damage, and it was. And that’s when I respected insurance more than anything, they took care of everything and were great about it. They ended up dropping us, but that’s just business.

I found CoverHound online, applied there, was told someone would call me back- and that ended up being Michele.

So tell me a little bit about how Michele helped you out.

She just walked me through the whole process, and she gave me all of my coverage options. She recommended that we just apply with one carrier and was very sensitive to my needs, because I had multiple accidents, and my last policy got cancelled. I was expecting to pay about $800 a month, but it ended up being $500 a month. And that's for two cars, four accidents, and a college student on the policy.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this David! We’re happy that you were so pleased with your CoverHound experience! If you would like to share your insurance shopping story with us, email us at

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