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Friday Traditions With CoverHound

Here at CoverHound, we LOVE our team lunches, and we try to go out together every Friday! One of the many benefits of working in San Francisco is the awesome variety and caliber of food. Here are some of our lunchtime favorites.

One of our team traditions is Kelly Green Fridays! We like to wear green and head over to The Irish Bank for lunch and possibly Irish beers outside—a perfect San Francisco Friday treat! The Irish Bank is super unique looking—covered in antiques, historical docs and old photos—a great ambiance for a chill Friday.

Just down the street from our office is Uno Dos Tacos. Although it just recently opened, and we’ve only been once, this Mexican restaurant is going to be a new staple. Great food, fast service and even alfresco dining—a must for a rare, warm day in the city.

When we’re craving some chowder on a chilly day or a lobster roll, we head over to Anchor & Hope. Located right around the corner from our office, it’s super convenient and perfect to get our seafood fix!

When we’re feeling French, we head over to Café de la Presse in the heart of the Financial District for some classic French fare. The café has an old-world feel—it’s covered in antiques and a wood bar, making the atmosphere just as good as the food.

We also love Roy’s, which is Hawaiian fusion. It’s a bit more upscale for when we’re feeling fancy, and it’s just around the corner from our office. Roy’s has awesome Butterfish—a staple on Hawaiian menus. The calamari is also ah-mazing---and ordering lots of appetizers is how we like to roll.

As you can see, we love a good meal, especially when it’s out with our teammates! If you join the team, you’ll find out for yourself. :)

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