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Does working from home help you save on car insurance?

Working from home is a divisive topic. Some swear it makes them more productive, while others will concede watching game shows in their pajamas can be distracting. Depending on personalities types, work ethics and job satisfaction, the at-home worker can embellish his production or truly crank. I tend to follow the Heisenberg Principle on this one; there is no objective truth when it comes to working from home and actually doing work.

One thing that can be proved, however, is that not commuting can help you save on car insurance. How much, you ask -- well CoverHound data has the answer.

Commute distance is one of the ranking factors on which carriers base their quotes. The further you drive to work, the more you’ll pay for car insurance. Nevertheless, it’s not one of the weightiest factors in the process -- that remains the province of credit score, driving record, type of car, continuity of coverage, etc.

CoverHound data shows that Californians who work from home rather than commute 50 miles round trip to work pay 8.4% less for car insurance.

California is the state in the union in which the difference is the greatest. This is because of the strong emissions standards geared toward limiting smog and other man-made clouds in the sky. The difference in all other states is somewhat negligible -- between zero and three percent.

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