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Do you need to buy car insurance from a human?

Let’s face it: Even though we may fight a lot and generally disagree on most things, we humans generally like each other’s company. Other humans can comfort and guide us when we need it (and even when we don't ask for it!). For that reason and others, we tend to feel more comfortable buying big items with the help of a person trained to answer our questions.

So then where does car insurance come in?

It’s a super mundane slice of our lives. People like to set their car insurance and then forget it, hoping never to hear about it again, unless there’s somehow a drop in rates for loyalty or safe driving.

From this perspective car insurance is not a huge deal, perhaps akin to a book that will sit on the shelf for years until you’re ready for a dust off and a read. The relative low-importance of the item might mean it could be purchased solely online, not unlike books ordered on Amazon, whose customer service division is notoriously lacking a human face.

Of course some folks might disagree with this perspective. They would say that car insurance is extremely important, as it protects some of our greatest assets -- not least of which our families. It’s a major purchase that might entail some hand-holding that only humans can provide.

It’s CoverHound’s mission to provide the very best customer experience when it comes to shopping for insurance. We therefore seek to address each perspective, while also collapsing the differences between them.

Some people want to buy car insurance quickly. They know what they want, and they're ready to find it at the right price and seal the deal. For these people, our online comparative shopping engine will come in quite handy. Actionable rates from top carriers will be provided instantly. In other words you can get quotes and buy policies on our site in a matter of minutes.

For the other folks who (understandably) have questions during the process, you can always pick up the phone and call [CoverHound Insurance Solutions](, our agency in Southern California staffed with... humans! Greg Isaacs and his team of agents will help answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process methodically.

Collapsing the boundaries entails making the online shopping experience as smooth and informative as possible, while keeping the process efficient. Accordingly, you’ll find fact bubbles throughout the site, helping you understand what everything means in concise teams.

The car insurance industry is surprisingly complicated, especially for those new to the process. For some the impulse is to seek out a human for help; for others the favored approach is to get through the process as quickly as possible. It really comes down to personal preference. And at CoverHound we aim to address the specific needs of each of our consumers.

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