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Confessions of an Uninformed Car Insurance Shopper

Psyched as I was to join the great team here at CoverHound, I did have one major concern: I knew almost nothing about car insurance. Sure I was an experienced content strategist and all, but most of that time was spent in the eLearning space. When it came to car insurance, I was just as in the dark as everyone else.

My family and I moved to California from New York last year, and upon doing so purchased a car for the first time. Of course one of the necessary steps in buying and registering a car is getting it insured. So I did what I am sure a large percentage of American drivers do: I did a quick internet search for car insurance providers and then ultimately phoned the one whose television commercials I saw and liked the most. In my case, it was Geico.

I was totally ignorant about how much car insurance cost. I lazily expected it to be about $100 dollars a month. So when the quote on the phone came back around $500, I was taken aback. Five hundred dollars sounded like a ridiculous amount of money to insure my car for a month (note: I do not drive a Lotus), and sounded like way too little for the year. It was then I learned that most car insurance policies are six months long (read why [here]( Good to know, I thought. Circa $75 a month sounded great to me; I did no further research. I signed up for the policy. Done and done.

Looking back after a few months immersed in the car insurance world, it’s really interesting how little I knew about the process. I had no idea whether my credit was checked. I didn’t know [what those numbers stood for on my insurance policy]( I didn’t even there were numbers. I also had no clue whether my policy would change after the six-month window. I didn’t consider whether my monthly premium could go down, or the steps I would need to take to make that happen. I only knew -- mostly from my parents’ threats from high school -- that if I got into accident my car insurance would go up.

I am now much more aware. And that is one of the reasons I joined CoverHound in the first place: car insurance is a product purchased by many, but examined by few. It’s our goal to help you find the best policy, at the best price for you and your family. We strive to achieve that goal through our comparison shopping engine, and by sharing our own car insurance experiences. Armed with my new knowledge, I aim to share information.

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