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Classic Car Insurance

It's your baby and you've spilt blood and sweat making it as close to perfect as possible. A dozen coats of wax will protect the paint from the elements but not from theft or an errant driver who rear-ends you en route to a weekend escape.

Nevertheless, many major car insurance companies won't write you a policy if your car was manufactured before a certain year (these days usually in the mid-60's or 70's).

Luckily there are specialized companies who offer classic car insurance and have policies designed specifically to meet the special needs of your classic car. If you're like most classic car owners, you probably don't drive your vintage vehicle more than a couple thousand (or hundred) miles a year and it's probably garaged. Most classic car drivers are very safe when they take their cars out and rarely drive very long distances so getting in an accident is less of a concern for classic car insurance companies (of course, classic car insurance rarely covers you if you race on the track). Most classic car insurance policies limit the total number of miles driven each year to a relatively low amount so it's important to know what that figure is and keep an eye on your odometer to make sure that you don't exceed it.

Theft of classic cars is really the bigger issue. Low mileage and threat of theft pretty much offset each other and make insuring a classic car no different from insuring a contemporary car, in terms of cost.

For more information about classic car insurance be sure to visit [Hagerty]( and [Grundy]( Both companies specialize insuring cars near and dear to the heart.

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