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Buying Renters Insurance for College Students

Being a college student from Singapore, in a completely new environment is an amazing and thrilling experience. Setting that aside, waiting in line is part of a long list of administrative items that you have to deal with. These items could vary from handling school matters, homework, finding an internship, buying a car and most importantly finding a place to stay. You will be overwhelmed by the amount of things to do, leaving you no time for a breather.

This brings me to the topic of renters insurance. When I first heard about it, I thought what in the world is renters insurance? It is a form of insurance that covers the rental apartment and your personal belongings. Personally, for my apartment, it was mandatory to have a renters insurance before being able to move in. I wondered, will this be expensive, and how do I even go about getting this?

I was lucky enough to be interning at CoverHound, a San Francisco tech startup that is disrupting the insurance industry. I could not think of any better place to be for this moment. I spoke to Jesse, one of our Sales Team Leaders and within a short 15 minutes, he was able to get me a renters insurance policy so that I could move in to my new apartment over the weekend. The whole buying process was literally painless. All that was required from me were details about myself, the apartment that I was renting and my credit card.

The beauty of the CoverHound platform is that I was able to comparison shop to get the cheapest rate for the coverage required. As a college student, these savings are very important, and I was surprised to be able to get renters insurance for only $15 a month! Who would have thought that renters insurance could be this affordable?

CoverHound also offers auto, homeowners and motorcycle insurance and as a college student, the 2 most applicable insurance policies are auto and renters. Since then, I have been introducing my friends to CoverHound and for those that have purchased policies from us, they loved how simple and fast it was. If you have not tried comparison shopping for your insurance policies, give CoverHound a try!

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